Field work is an integral part of a geologist’s job description and it it something I thoroughly enjoy.  I grew up going backpacking every summer in Colorado with my family so spending time outdoors is something I cherish great.  I also enjoy introducing students to the joy of camping and fieldwork.  Some of the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences I’ve have had been in the field.  I’ve had the opportunity to conduct fieldwork in the Arctic five times, as well as around the US (including Hawai’i and Alaska).  Check out some photos below from some memorable trips.

During July 2017 I led a fieldwork trip to the Beartooth Mountains to collect samples for surface exposure dating to better constrain Holocene glacial fluctuations.  This was my first time mentoring an undergraduate to carry out a project (not part of my PhD research), and it was a great experience!

Follow the links below for more information on my participation in the expedition to the Petermann Glacier in 2015 as well as my participation in the Svalbard REU in back in 2011.