Central Wisconsin

Part of my PhD focuses on figuring out how old a 12 mile long moraine (hill created by an ice sheet or glacier marking its edge) in central Wisconsin is.  Below is a LiDAR hillshade DEM of Portage Co, the city of Steven’s Point is located in the Western North Central part of this map.  It is well constrained by different kinds of geologic data that during the last ice age the Laurentide Ice Sheet marched down from Canada and got as far as the two ridges outlined in orange and pink on the map below.  But the hill outlined in blue has always stuck out to geologists as older due to it’s highly weathered and developed topography and its lower relief.  The hill is also covered with large erratic boulders left behind by an ice sheet.  During 2017-2018 I have collected some and will collect more samples from these boulders for 10Be exposure dating, a way to exactly date with the ice left the boulders behind.  I have thoroughly enjoyed this project as a way to reach out to the residents who live on this moraine and share my knowledge of geology.


New location Fig-01-01


Arnott Moraine boulder
2017: Undergraduate Andrew collecting samples from the Arnott Moraine, central Wisconsin

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