About me

Photo credit: Rosen-Jones Photography


I am a broadly-trained geologist interested primarily in earth surface processes and paleoclimate. My research focuses on furthering our understanding of the climate system through the application of geochemical techniques and reconstruction of past climate variability, primarily using glacial sediments and landforms. 

Please explore this site to learn more about me, my background, and my teaching and research interests.

Here are some pictures from memorable trips:

Catching meltwater from the Petermann Glacier in 2015, Northwest Greenland
In August 2018 I went to visit Pierre Crapaud (toad rock) in Pierre-à-bot near Neuchâtel, Switzerland. This boulder was used by Louis Agassiz in the 1830s as evidence for glacial fluctuations as it is composed of granite from Mt. Blanc and sitting on Jurassic limestone of the Swiss Jura mountains. So awesome to see!
Sampling in situ Two Creeks wood from the Two Creeks Buried Forest along Lake Michigan. This wood is from a forest that grew during an interstadial time, ~13,000 years ago and is preserved in lake sediment.

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